Once a month, members and friends of St. Paul’s congregation, “Get Up and Go!” to a predetermined destination. Our purpose is to provide a fun and safe venue where fellowship can be enhanced while we are seeing some sights and usually enjoying a meal.

Some examples of places visited are: The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo; Frankenmuth with its shops and the world’s largest Christmas store; Dietsch Brothers Ice Cream and Wolfie's Nuts in Findlay, OH; the headquarters of the AALC; ALTS and Concordia Seminary; Cabella’s in Dundee, MI; Sauder Village in Archbold, OH; concerts in Ft. Wayne and Toledo; Motawi Studio in Ann Arbor; Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, OH; Hayes Presidential Center; and the Butterfly House in Whitehouse. We have also had a hayride, progressive dinner, and game night.


Upcoming Event:


We do not have any scheduled events in December. We invite you to attend the Toledo Symphony Christmas Concert on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. More details are on the home page, in the November & December newsletters, and the Sunday heralds.




Reminder:  The Get Out and Go experience is open to ALL of St. Paul's; you don't need to "join" a group to belong.  You are free to pick and choose what interests you.  It is a fun day away with usually a stop for a meal.  You will need money for your meal and we kindly request you make a donation towards the cost of gas for your driver.